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We only have this one world

The sentence makes us aware of the importance of carefully dealing with our planet. Sustainable acting in the interest of the environment starts with each individual and is implemented at LÜDECKE in all areas of the company. This regards our products, the building and production as well as numerous other green activities.



The products of LÜDECKE GmbH are produced only from sustainable, reusable and pollution-free materials and are characterized by high quality, durability, best functionality and a good life cycle assessment.


Even in our production we guarantee energy efficiency and the protection of natural resources.
AT LÜDECKE 100% of our products are produced with locally generated green electricity. When heating the buildings LÜDECKE relies, among other things, on a heat recovery system. High-quality filter systems on the machines reduce the maintenance effort and ensure clean air with a pleasant room climate. And shipping is also kept as green as possible: As far as possible, orders are collected and delivered to customers in bundles. Recyclable and reusable boxes or pallets are used as packaging.

Everyday Work

In addition to conscientious waste separation, the reduction of paper consumption and the careful selection of sustainable advertising materials, the kostBAR (LÜDECKE canteen) can be cited as another positive example. This only uses high-quality and reusable cereal jars and lunch boxes or compostable organic packaging as food packaging.

LÜDECKE Green areas

Conserving nature is particularly important to us. Among other things, this concerns the preservation or creation of natural areas for native animal and plant species.
Because of this, the entire company area has an enormous proportion of green space (LÜDECKE Park, wildflower meadows, ponds, extensive green roof areas, etc.).
These green and water areas offer relaxation space for employees and visitors. At the same time, this creates a home and a valuable retreat for numerous species of fish, insects and birds.


The bee colonies of the “Bee-Sharing” project with the Beekeepers Association Sulzbach-Rosenberg occupy a central place in the LÜDECKE–Park. With this unique concept, LÜDECKE has been successfully highlighting the importance of beekeeping for 4 years now. More information on this important topic can be found with the following link.

Knowledge Transfer and Environmental Education

The experience that we gain in the area of environment and sustainability is constantly passed on to employees and the public. Our long-term goal is not only to do justice to ecological responsibility, but also to permanently establish awareness of responsibility among as many participants as possible.

LÜDECKE Bee-Sharing Project wins Amberger Environmental Award

LÜDECKE is honored for outstanding ecological commitment and environmental education.

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Energy Efficient Coupling Systems for Compressed Air Applications

LÜDECKE optimized the mechanical flow characteristics of its quick connect coupling systems.

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