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From university, straight up to LÜDECKE

Lectures, projects, seminar papers – all well and good, but now it is time to gain practical experience and put your acquired knowledge into practice! And to do this: LÜDECKE is the right place for you!

We offer various opportunities to use your theoretical principles from your university in an international operating company.
This is not the place to brew coffee and copy all the time: Right from the beginning you will be involved into all tasks and you will obtain your own projects.


You already spent some semesters of intense studying and you feel ready to prove your acquired knowledge in everyday working life? You’re still not sure which sector fits best for you?
Therefore, we suggest an internship at LÜDECKE.

No matter if technically versed or commercial influenced – we offer mandatory internships as well as voluntary internships in various departments for a couple of months.

After having completed your internship successfully we provide you with the opportunity of a student trainee position, thesis, holiday job or maybe a permanent position.

Student Trainee

Working as a student trainee offers the ideal ability to work during your studies, gather valuable practical experience and earn your own money.

Student trainees can be employed in almost every department of our company. The weekly working hours are about 20 hours. During semester break it’s possible to work fulltime.


Often time flies so fast and your study is coming to an end. For the final touch of your academic career we suggest on writing your final papers at LÜDECKE. This allows both parties to benefit from: An expert mentor will give you a deep insight into our company, while you can help us with your knowledges and conclusions.

Use the opportunity and apply with your subject recommendation for a Bachelor or Master Thesis. Maybe we are working together on exciting and interesting solutions very soon.

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