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Award as “home-affiliated company”

LÜDECKE erhält für das Projekt „Energie-Erzeugungscampus und Energiemanagement“ die Auszeichnung als „Heimatverbundenes Unternehmen“ und wird damit für herausragendes bürgerschaftliches Engagement geehrt.

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The new LÜDECKE Multi-Coupling System

The new LÜDECKE multi-coupling system allows you to connect several temperature regulation circuits in one step. Especially when equipping machines, this provides huge advantages: Now, these tasks can be carried out quickly, easily and accurately.

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Maximum Safety for Cleaning Applications in the Food Industry

We have fundamentally improved our cleaning program and offer now a high-quality and extremely safe system that is tailored to the special requirements in this area of application.

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Farewell after 41 years at LÜDECKE

Some employees are so integral to a company that their farewell is hard to imagine:
After 41 years in service, Ingrid Ehebauer (Head of purchasing) has been sent off to her well-deserved retirement.

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LÜDECKE Becomes Part of the OHA! Initiative

We have joined the East Bavarian company initiative „East Bavaria acts!“ to make swift and reasonable progress with regards to climate neutrality.

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LÜDECKE honours Jubilarians

After 2 years having a mandatory break LÜDECKE is celebrating a jubilarian­­­ party and thus honoring long-time employees for their loyalty and dedication.

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Groundbreaking ceremony for new Building Project

Five years after the last company extension, LÜDECKE is now starting the next construction phase and sets up an in-house energy production campus as well as an additional manufacturing and assembly hall.

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It’s that simple: The LÜDECKE Quick Connect Couplings for Water Application

We have completely revised and optimized the WaterProfi by LÜDECKE® quick connect couplings.
The result: An easier handling and many other advantages.

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The new Dripless Quick Connect Couplings

With the LiquiSafe series LÜDECKE now offers dripless quick connect couplings.
When decoupling, it reduces the risk of media leakage to a minimum. Thus, this product ensures maximum safety and reliable protection against contamination.

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Well-deserved retirement for two long-term LÜDECKE employees

Ludwig Donhauser and Wolfgang Liebl, two long-term employees, were farewelled into their well-deserved retirement.

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TempControl by LÜDECKE® - Intelligent Technology for Maximum Safety

The new TempControl quick connect coupling system features an innovative thermo colour coding.
It warns the operator of hot media as well as high surface temperatures of the coupling and thus offers reliable protection against injuries.

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Performance Comparison Pneumatic Quick Connect Couplings

We compared the performance of the LÜDECKE coupling series ES DN 7.2 and ESIS DN 7.8 using a demolition hammer.
The result indicates the difference between a standard quick connect coupling and a safety industrial quick connect coupling.

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With International Plug Profiles: Safety Self-Venting Couplings

Introducing the series ESAIS and ESOIS DN 5.5 LÜDECKE now offers robust safety self-venting couplings with international plug profiles.
Due to their special construction, they prevent an unintended disconnection of coupling and plug.


Maximum Safety: Series ESIFK DN 7.8

The new safety quick connect coupling series ESIFK has a colour and form coding. This allows for easy identification of different media circuits and avoids false coupling when using various media simultaneously.

Katalog 1.0 Vorschau

LÜDECKE’s entire product portfolio

Numerous product innovations, a new layout and a well-structured:
LÜDECKE presents the entire range with the new "Catalogue 1.0".

Vorschaubild D E1 1200x900

Creating connections together – for 90 years

For more than 90 years, LÜDECKE has been the competent partner for high-quality coupling systems, fittings and accessories. A time in which we are constantly developing, but have never forgotten our roots.

Bluehpakt Vorschau

LÜDECKE is awarded as „Blooming Company”

LÜDECKE is awarded as "Blooming Company" by the Blühpakt Bayern and is thus honored for the enormous proportion of green space on the company premises as well as for the preservation of biodiversity and insect protection.

Traceparts Vorschaubild D E

LÜDECKE Products now available on Traceparts

All coupling systems from the pneumatics, temperature regulation and construction product areas are now available on the TraceParts CAD platform.

Firma Header

We are here for you and keeping the CONNECTION up and running!

Even in these turbulent times, you can rely on a perfect LÜDECKE service.


LÜDECKE Bee-Sharing Project wins Amberger Environmental Award

LÜDECKE and the Beekeeping Association Sulzbach-Rosenberg were honored for their outstanding ecological commitment and environmental education.

Film Akademie Vorschau

The new Luedecke Academy Movie

If you have some special pictures, no more words are needed. That's why we made a short film about our LÜDECKE ACADEMY. Take 1 minute - it's definitely worth it!

Luedecke Imagefilm Vorschau

This is LÜDECKE – This is Us: Our Corporate Movie

Who is LÜDECKE? What does the company represent? Who are the people behind the brand? We answer all this questions with our corporate film.

M O D Y Clean Connect

The LÜDECKE MODY-CleanConnect Spiral Hose made of Polyurethane

For applications with specific hygiene standards or for conveying various critical media we recommend the new MODY CleanConnect spiral hose.


LÜDECKE ACADEMY: Seminars and Workshops in Luxurious Ambience

We offer modern rooms for seminars, conferences or meetings with comprehensive equipment and a professional all-round service.

Temp Secure

TempSecure by LÜDECKE®: Now available in Stainless Steel and with International Plug Profile

The patented coupling system offers an effective solution for unintentional unlocking and is therefore ideally suited for use with increased hygiene demands, aggressive media as well as high temperature.


The new Safety Industrial Quick Connect Coupling Series ESIK DN 7.8

The LÜDECKE pneumatics range is now supplemented by the series ESIK DN 7.8 and offers double protection due to sleeve lock mechanism and plug shape-coding.

New home for aprox. 3000 animals

LÜDECKE opens up insect hotels and offers a home to numerous wild bees as well as many other little roommates.

Serie E S D N 7 2

The Original – Quick Connect Coupling Series ES DN 7,2 by LÜDECKE

With its quick connect coupling system ES DN 7,2 LÜDECKE offers a proven, high quality and robust product for decades.

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Cleverly Vacuuming and Filtering Cooling Lubricant Emissions

With cleaned air LÜDECKE reduces operating costs and increases the sustainability

L U E D E C K E Veroeffentlicht

LÜDECKE publishes first Green Company Report

LÜDECKE publishes the first green company report and describes how to implement the responsibility with employees, partners, environment and society into the company.


Safe Assembly of Hoses with LÜDECKE as Developing Partner

Besides high quality coupling systems, LÜDECKE also provides professional consulting services in safe assembly of hose lines.


The new WaterProfi Wand Nozzle: Extensive Watering – Comfortable and Easy

LÜDECKE extended its water product range with the high quality WaterProfi Wand Nozzle. This allows a targeted and extensive watering with minimal effort and maximal comfort.


15,000 new LÜDECKE Employees on only one Day

Together with the beekeeping association of Sulzbach-Rosenberg LÜDECKE starts the project “Beesharing” to call the attention of beekeeping.


Economy sends Trainees as Vocational Advisors into Class Rooms

LÜDECKE supports the project “Ausbildungs-Scouts” (Trainee Scouts) by the Bavarian Chamber of Industry and Commerce and shows alternative career opportunities after the apprenticeship.


LÜDECKE offers Premium Training Material

LÜDECKE developed „Testing Panels” to give an easy understanding of its comprehensive range of couplings and fittings to various target groups.