Lüdecke GmbH
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Groundbreaking ceremony for new Building Project

Seizing opportunities and investing in longterm pioneering projects: five years after the last company extension, LÜDECKE is now starting the next construction phase.

In-house energy production
In the following months, an in-house energy production campus will be set up. It will comprise, amongst others, a cogeneration unit including an absorption chiller for in-house energy production combined with photovoltaic systems installed on all available roof surfaces. In doing so, LÜDECKE will put forward an extensive energy concept as well as an innovative approach to energy management. It will allow the manufacturer for coupling systems to cover a large part of its demand for electricity as well as its entire demand for heat and cooling for all properties and manufacturing sites in-house. In addition, all associated rental units in close proximity will be supplied via an electricity and district heating network. This centralised energy production will lead to an enormous improvement in efficiency as well as large cuts in emissions.

Additional manufacturing and assembly halls
The new wing of the building will comprise an additional manufacturing and assembly hall. This hall will be characterised by best equipped modern workstations and allows for streamlining working processes as well as optimising internal logistics. The entire structural design of the new hall will consist of an extremely rigid main body in solid construction with building part tempering. The hall body itself will be built as innovative pure wood construction of the ceilings, walls and support structures. As responsible environmental company, LÜDECKE guarantees that all of its construction works will be in accordance with its Green Company Concept (e.g. roof greening of the hall, etc.).

Further reconstruction measures
Alongside these major construction works, extensive refurbishments in the LÜDECKE main building are being performed. Apart from new office spaces for the manufacturing and administration department, a print and photography studio for the marketing department as well as spaces for the corporate health management, a centre for extensive product testing and experiments for newly developed products are being set up.

The coming construction projects will not only allow LÜDECKE to grow independent from energy supply – due to the newly build manufacturing and office spaces, the company will be able to keep up its promise „Engineered and Made in Germany“.