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LÜDECKE Bee-Sharing Project wins Amberger Environmental Award

To take responsibility and act sustainable in all matters. This is a top priority intention with LÜDECKE.
The extensive sustainability strategy “Green Company” refers to the development and production of the products, the daily work and the conservation of the nature. Especially the creation of natural areas for native plant and animal species, including transferring the knowledge of environmental education is particularly important to the company.

Thus, the entire company area has an enormous amount of green space: A park with approximately 4,000 square meter and a huge orchard, wildflower meadows, extensive green roof areas, two ponds, several hedges and various insect hotels. You can also find the bees of the “Bee-Sharing” project with the Beekeeping Association Sulzbach-Rosenberg in this area. With this project, LÜDECKE successfully shows how important beekeeping and “natural gardening” is – including an own honey production.

This ecological commitment has now been awarded with the Amberg environmental award. LÜDECKE CEO Klaus Herdegen and beekeeper Alexander Titz accepted the award at the Amberg Town Hall.
In his speech, Klaus Herdegen explained that it is important to practice sustainability not only because it is a trend. Sustainable thinking and action should be transferred to all parties on a long-term basis. Sometimes little things can help to make a positive contribution: Maybe there is still room for a colorful flower meadow or an insect hotel in your backyard?”