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It’s that simple: The new Water Quick Connect Couplings

Introducing the series ESAIS and ESOIS DN 5.5 now offers robust safety self-venting couplings with international plug profiles.
As the series ESAIS has been adapted to the American market (according to plug profile ISO 6150 B / US Mil.Spec. C4109), the series ESOIS is compatible with the plug profile ARO 210 and ORION 44510.

Both coupling systems feature the same advantages:
They prevent an unintended disconnection of coupling and plug due to their special construction.
This is achieved by uncoupling in two steps by moving the sleeve (sleeve concept). In this way the connection may only be separated when the residual pressure has dropped to a safe value after having pushed the sleeve of the coupling.
As a result, the quick connect couplings with self-venting also avoid the whiplash-effect and reduce the noise level during disconnection. This allows for a safe handling of flexible compressed air lines.

The series ESAIS and ESOIS are made of nickel-plated brass with a sleeve made of steel. This makes them especially sturdy and durable. Equipped with the patented OptiFlow by LÜDECKE® valve technology they guarantee high flow rates with low pressure drop.

The quick connect couplings are available in different connection types and are perfectly suited for compressed air applications in industry as well as in machine and plant construction, handcraft and much more.