Lüdecke GmbH

energy efficient coupling systems

As a well-established provider of quick connect coupling systems, LÜDECKE has been concerned with the energy efficiency of its products for a long time.Thus, the goal of a student project, in cooperation with the Ostbayerische Technische Hochschule Amberg-Weiden (OTH – Technical University of Applied Sciences), was the optimization in accordance to the mechanical flow of the automatic shut-off of quick coupling systems for industrial continuous use. The purpose was to determine the highest possible flow rate with the lowest decrease of pressure with the dimensions of the operational practice established, “Euro-Profile” DN 7.2. In cooperation with Prof. Dr. Andreas P. Weiss’s laboratory for continuous–flow machines at the Technical University of Applied Sciences Amberg-Weiden, flow studies were conducted to improve the inner geometry of the couplings. Afterwards they succeeded in implementing the results and verified them with the help of a flow rate control unit.

The performance of the individual operations was worthwhile. For example, the flow of the industrial quick connect coupling (series ESI DN 7.8), increased from 1800l/min to 2150l/min (one-way shut-off) with the same inlet pressure. Therefore, with the use of LÜDECKE coupling systems in continuous industrial use, an enormous savings potential is available.

LÜDECKE quick connect coupling systems are characterized by their energy efficiency through their high durability, operational reliability, absolute sealing, easy coupling and optional safety air-relief disconnect. Thanks to their compact and ergonomic construction, they enable a maximum energy flow with simple handling from the generation of compressed air all the way to the tool. Working with lower inlet pressure is therefore realizable. This in turn contributes significantly to a distinctive reduction in energy costs and an increase in uptime and durability of pneumatically run machines and tools.