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Videos & Animations

Videos and Animations

We like to present our company and products as clear as possible. Thus, you can find a selection of short films, product animations and training videos.


Corporate Film

The early years and founding history of LÜDECKE




Safety Quick Connect Coupling Series ESIFK DN 7.8

Safety Self-Venting Couplings Series ESAIS + ESOIS DN 5,5

Safety Quick Connect Couplings Series ESI – ESIK

Performance Comparison Pneumatic Quick Connect Couplings

Surface Supplied Diving with AirBuddy + Quick Connect Connect Coupling ES DN 7,2

Temperature Couplings

TempSecure – Quick Connect Coupling

TempSecure – Quick Connect Coupling

Construction Couplings

Pressure Test with a LÜDECKE Hose Assembly

MODY Safety Screw Coupling

Throttle Valves

LÜDECKE Products at the Construction Site

LÜDECKE meets Bootshaus

Demolition Work (Industrial Quick Connect Coupling ESI DN 7,+ Pneumatic Hammer)

High Pressure Application in Special Civil Engineering with Bored Pile Foundations

Delivering Spare Parts to the Construction Site with the LÜDECKE Car

Process Industry Couplings

LiquiSafe by LÜDECKE® Dripless Quick Connect Couplings Series ESCB

Water Couplings

WaterProfi by LÜDECKE® Quick Connect Couplings Series WPN DN 9

WaterProfi by LÜDECKE® Wand Nozzle


Hand-Operated Assembly Machine for Low Pressure Ferrules