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The LÜDECKE Meeting Point

The kuppelBAR consists of two stylishly designed connected rooms, and is the ideal location for events in a relaxed and creative atmosphere.

Use the kuppelBAR e.g. for kick-off meetings, get-togethers or workshops. Equipped with a modern kitchen, a luxurious bar, lounge furniture and an exceptional lighting concept unique events can be fantastically realized here.
We also recommend these rooms as a reception area (foyer) before a seminar in the lernBAR, as a break possibility with appropriate entertainment or as a retreat for joint group work.

Of course, there is also immediate access to the lernBAR with the panoramic roof terrace.

At a glance:

132 m²
Room 1: 84 m², Room 2: 48 m²

Number of People:
up to 70
Room 1: up to 40, Room 2: up to 30

Bar tables and chairs, lounge furniture (flexible arrangement possible)

Lectern, media screen (75“) incl. public address system, presenter, microphone, flipcharts, white boards, presentation case, writing utensils, WiFi

Kitchen with lounge area


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