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Construction Couplings

Complete Screwing Sets, FlatLock Flat Hose Screwings, Connecting Nipples, Hose Connections

For media supply (especially for compressed air and water) in construction as well as in mining and tunnelling, the LÜDECKE product portfolio comprises a broad range of different screwings, assembly types and matching  accessories. The screwings and fittings are extremely robust and resistant to dirt or damages. They also offer highest safety and optimum ease of use when assembling various hoses. The appropriate version is always adjusted to the specific hose and customised.


  • High-quality materials
  • Robust, reliable, absolutely leakage-proof and durable
  • Quick and easy handling
  • Different sizes, versions and connection types
  • Individual adjustment of the respective execution


Multifunctional Use

The different versions of this product range can be utilized in various areas and are a tidy alternative to conventional classic fittings and assembly methods.

Complete Screwing Sets

Complete Screwing Sets are extremely robust fittings for construction and mining.
They are easy to sue: A tapered stem with connecting nut is screwed with a nipple with cone. Taper and cone are sealing against each other without further sealing material.
Flat sealed versions can be combined with versions, that have no cone (“Atlas Copco“ system).

FlatLock Flat Hose Screwings

Customers looking for a secure way to assemble flat hoses, will find the right solution with the FlatLock flat hose screwings. These fittings are characterised by easy installation and perfect ergonomics when assembling thin walled flat hoses. They can be loosened and reused at any time..


This extremely safe and reliable hose connection is available for the following coupling systems:

  • MODY-Safety-Screwing Couplings DIN 3238
  • Female and male thread screwings
  • Complete Screwing Sets DIN 20 033

In addition to the standard range, we also manufacture flat hose screwings according to certain specifications or hose samples including assembly recommendations for crimping ferrule, safety clamp, wire or steel band.

Hot Tar Screwings

The LÜDECKE hot tar screwings are made of steel/ malleable iron zincplated and yellow passivated (free of chrome VI) and are used to connect hoses to tar spraying equipment, lances, etc.
They are operated by a wing nut and a tapered stem with a safety collar..

Thread Stems and Hose Connections

Thread stems and hose connections are applied in different areas to connect or extend hose lines.