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New Products

NEW Products

As an innovative company our objective is always to continuously develop and optimize our product portfolio. The aim is to constantly offer a first-class and progressive range.
Here you can find an overview of the most important new products from LÜDECKE.


Safety Industrial Quick Connect Couplings Series ESIFK DN 7.8

The quick connect couplings series ESIFK guarantees an optical distinction of different media circulations as well as the absolute avoidance of wrong coupling operations when using different media.

  • Coloured anodised knurled aluminium sleeve on the coupling
  • Coloured anodised aluminium ring on the plug
  • Plug codification (only the same-coloured couplings and plugs can be connected)
  • Patented OptiFlow by LÜDECKE® valve technology

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Safety Self-Venting Couplings
Series ESAIS DN 5.5

With the series ESAIS LÜDECKE offers robust quick connect couplings which are adapted to the American market (plug profile according ISO 6150 B and US Mil.Spec) and prevent the unintended disconnection of the coupling.

  • Uncoupling in two steps by moving the sleeve: connection can only be separated when the residual pressure on the coupling has dropped to a riskless value after having moved the sleeve
  • The automatic air-relief function also prevents the whiplash-effect and reduces the noise during disconnection
  • Patented OptiFlow by LÜDECKE® valve technology

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Safety Self-Venting Couplings
Series ESOIS DN 5.5

This new quick connect coupling is compatible with the plug profile ARO 210 as well as ORION 44510 and essentially features the advantages of the series ESAIS DN 5.5.

  • Prevents accidental release of the coupling by means of disconnection in two steps (moving the sleeve)
  • The automatic air-relief function prevents a whiplash-effect and reduces the noise during the disconnection
  • Patented OptiFlow by LÜDECKE® valve technology

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Industrial Quick Connect Couplings
Series ESSCIG DN 10

The ESSCIG series is widely used especially in the Scandinavian market and is characterised by extremely high flow rates.

  • Quick connect coupling with extremely high flow capacity
  • Suitable for low vacuum with low coupling force compared to all compatible products
  • For the media supply at extraction points with extremely high need of compressed air for high-performance tools as well as in engineering and construction


Temperature Regulation

Temperature Regulation Quick Connect Couplings Series ESHGT/ ESHGTE DN 13

The patented TempSecure by LÜDECKE® temperature regulation quick connect couplings are now also available as a large version with a particularly high flow volume.

  • Maximum safety against unintentional disconnection by means of an automatic locking mechanism
  • Simple and intuitive coupling procedure thanks to forced guidance design with visual colour coding on the locking sleeve
  • Available in brass and stainless steel
  • For temperature regulation applications with hot or cold water as well as tempered oil (also available as high-temperature version)

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Sealing Plugs / Locking Screws

The LÜDECKE temperature regulation accessories has been supplemented by the following new products:

  • Expanding Mandrel Sealing Plugs
  • Locking screw with collar (for female threads)
  • Screwable sealing plugs (for male threads)

The sealing plugs and screws are used for simple, temporary sealing of holes or tubes as well as for permanent installations. They ensure quick and safe assembly and disassembly.



Processing Industry

Dripless Quick Connect Couplings
Series ESCBN/ ESCBE DN 4/ DN 6/ DN 9

The innovative LiquiSafe by LÜDECKE® series are dripless quick connect couplings. I.e. no dripping occurs during uncoupling – only a minimal film of fluid remains on the valve bodies.

  • Reduces the risk of media leakage during uncoupling to a minimum
  • High safety for man and machine
  • Optionally available as a high-temperature version
  • Available in brass and stainless steel as well as with knurled sleeve or smooth surface
  • For use with liquid media in plant construction, temperature regulation technology, switchboard cooling and much more


Quick Connect Couplings for Cleaning Applications Series ESHGTE DN 13

We have fundamentally improved the quick connect couplings of the cleaning program and optimally adapted them to the current hygiene regulations. The couplings of the ESHGTE series now have a patented TempSecure by LÜDECKE® safety locking mechanism. This prevents unintentional disconnection and can therefore be used when working at high temperatures.

  • Quick connect coupling made of stainless steel 1.4305 with safety locking mechanism and forced guidance design
  • Hygienically smooth surfaces to avoid dirt pockets
  • O-rings specially approved for food and drinking water applications
  • For cleaning applications that require a high degree of flexibility (e.g. clear rinsing with water)


Water Application

Quick Connect Couplings
Series WPN DN 9

Also the WaterProfi by LÜDECKE® quick connect couplings have been completely revised and are now characterised by much easier handling. Thus, the new WPN series replaces the products of the previous WS series.

  • Compact and particularly light quick connect coupling for water pipes in industry, crafts, agriculture, gardening or households
  • Easy operation due to ball shut-off
  • Smooth surfaces to avoid dirt pockets
  • Compatible with the common plug profile types on the market

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