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Compressed Air Supply at the Highest Level – with the LÜDECKE Pneumatic Program

In modern manufacturing facilities, an easy and efficient compressed air supply is essential for a smooth production process.
The versatile, high-quality LÜDECKE quick connect couplings are ideally suited for compressed air applications of all kinds. They can be used to quickly connect/disconnect media-carrying lines to tools, machines and equipment. In addition to standard components, the LÜDECKE product portfolio also comprises energy-efficient couplings as well as couplings equipped with various safety mechanisms for reliable and controlled handling in complex applications. To ensure high compatibility, we offer a large selection of European and International plug profiles.

The LÜDECKE pneumatic program is supplemented by MODY spiral hoses, blow-off guns and valves as well as pneumatic screwings and fittings.


  • High-quality materials (brass, steel, stainless steel)
  • Sturdy, reliable and durable
  • Easy to couple
  • Various sizes, connection and valve types
  • High energy efficiency
  • Quick connect couplings with different safety mechanisms
  • Numerous possible applications for pneumatics, measurement and control technology

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