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MODY Spiral Hoses made of Polyurethane

The polyurethane hoses are indispensable to any industrial undertaking. These multifunctional products make conveying of diverse media possible in the chosen operational area.

Although it sounds so plain and simple, when selecting a suitable product and/ or supplier, certain criteria should be taken into consideration. Because a polyurethane hose is not equally a polyurethane hose.

Advantages of the LÜDECKE MODY Spiral Hose:

  • Flexible supply of media: Even after severe deformation, the hose retake their original shape (extreme, enduring coil memory)
  • Space saving despite a wide range
  • Best mechanical properties: high resistance to abrasion, pressure, wear and kinking
  • Free of plasticisers, heavy metals and silicone, recyclable, resistant to oil, antifreeze and fuels
  • Various sizes for diverse operations


Why a MODY Spiral Hose from LÜDECKE?

We explain, when you choose a LÜDECKE polyurethane spiral hose, why you can always imagine being on the safe side and which parameters should be considered when purchasing.

First-class Suppliers:


  •   Accredited suppliers from Germany
  •   Quality, service and sustainability
  •   Profound know-how and problem solving competence
  •   Optimised manufacturing

Premium Materials:


  •   Selected raw materials
  •   Narrowest manufacturing tolerances
  •   Strict calibration
  •   Adapted to all needs: Polyester based – Polyether based

In-house Production:


  •   Superior production machinery
  •   Qualified employees
  •   Continuous quality surveillance
  •   Permanent market orientation
  •   High flexibility

Selection & Service:


  •   Various materials, lengths, diameters, colours, connections
  •   From straight meter goods to complete blow-off sets
  •   Individual custom-made products

First-class Suppliers

We obtain our extruded hoses from selected and accredited suppliers from Germany.


We place great value in our long-standing, trustworthy business relationship as well as the quality, service and sustainability. Manufacturing, processing parameters as well as the entire machinery and staff in charge are trained and optimised as best as possible.

Profound know-how and problem solving competence is a top priority!

Premium Materials

Raw Material
We only use premium hoses made of elastollan. This offers best mechanical properties (especially a very high pressure resistance over a wide temperature span), including excellent permanent use attributes.

Many producers from the Far East cannot reach this high-quality level and often work with a so-called “re-granulate“ (multiply processed raw material). This essentially decreases the mechanical properties of the hose (e.g. pressure resistance especially with high temperatures, abrasion, coil memory, etc.).

Production Tolerances
All materials succumb to the narrowest production tolerances. The strict compliance to these tolerances guarantee the usage of the product over the total length of the hose for the respective application. Individual production tolerances can be requested and adapted subject to required quantity.

We pay close attention to calibrate the outer diameter and wall thickness of every individual hose. The LÜDECKE MODY spiral hoses can therefore be used with diverse plug and screwing connections. Even the ovality (roundness) of the hose allows for tight connections. Thus, we guarantee a consistent high pressure resistance comparatively to large inner diameters.

Adapted to all needs: Polyester based - Polyether based
In order to meet all requirements and to provide every customer the best product, LÜDECKE offers two different polyurethane materials: polyester based polyurethane and polyether based polyurethane. The main difference is the molecular structure.

Poleyster-based Polyurethane

  • For conventional indoor compressed air applications
  • Best mechanical properties
  • Very high pressure resistance for a wide temperature range
  • Very flexible with great coil memory
  • Free of plasticisers
  • Highly resistant against ultimate elongation and abrasion
  • Suitable for vacuum applications
  • Suitable for use in cable carriers


Polyether-based Polyurethane:

  • For applications with liquid media, outdoor areas as well as for food and medical applications
  • Resistant to hydrolysis and microbes, good resistance against many chemical contact agents
  • Very flexible with great coil memory
  • Free of plasticisers
  • Highly resistant against ultimate elongation and abrasion
  • Suitable for cable bundling, especially in combination with flame guarded cable installations
  • Suitable for use in cable carriers


LÜDECKE has its own spiral hose fabrication for more than 25 years.

Which means: we not only produce our polyurethane spiral hoses with our well trained and qualified personnel ourselves, we also test them at the end according to very strict criteria.
Only when a hose meets the high-quality requirements, it will be included in our portfolio.
Our in-house production allows us to react to our customer’s requests in a quick and flexible way.

Quality and Own Production:

LÜDECKE offers premium materials, superior production machinery and qualified employees. Moreover, we closely follow the latest requirements and trends in the market. Only by doing so, we can always provide top products.

Engineered and Made in Germany remains our promise.

Selection & Service

At LÜDECKE you receive the MODY spiral hoses in various versions: there are a variety of materials, hose lengths, hose diameters, colours and connections available.

In addition we offer all the hoses non-coiled, available in meter lengths. Furthermore, our range covers a wide assortment of supplementary accessories (i.e. thread screws, quick connect couplings, plugs, blow-off guns and valves). We are happy to produce complete blow-off sets on request.


Our competent sales and technical team is always at your disposal for any further questions you may have for a custom-made product.

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