Lüdecke GmbH


Quick Connect Couplings with International Plug Profiles

The LÜDECKE product range contains a large selection of quick connect couplings with international plug profiles. They cover the world's most common used plug profiles and ensure high compatibility. These coupling systems are available from DN 5 to DN 10 - depending on requested flow rates.

LÜDECKE eoffers quick connect couplings customised to the following countries:

  • Great Britain
  • Spain
  • France
  • Benelux countries
  • Switzerland
  • Asia
  • USA
  • and others


Different Sizes and Versions

For better understanding, products with international plug profiles are divided into groups according to country compatibility. However, it is also possible to break them down into the series Quality-, OptiFlow- and SafeConnect-Line.


Standard Quick Connect Couplings


→ In series ESA DN 5.5 / ESO DN 5.5 / ESK DN 7.5 / F1K DN 8


Energy-Efficient Quick Connect Couplings with patented OptiFlow by LUEDECKE ® Valve Technology


→ In series ESB DN 5.5 / ESBI DN 5 / ESAI DN 5.5 / ESAIS DN 5.5 / ESOI DN 5.5 / ESOIS DN 5.5 / ESAC DN 8 / ESACG DN 10


Quick Connect Couplings for High-Safety Standards


→ In series ESAIS DN 5.5 / ESOIS DN 5.5