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Process Industry Couplings

Innovative Coupling Systems for increased Hygiene Requirements and Critical Media

For applications with specific hygiene standards or in lines carrying aggressive media (i.e. gases, chemicals, pharmaceuticals or varnishproducts etc.), high-quality and temperature resistant couplings and fittings are required. They have to connect media-carrying lines to tools, machines and equipment in a safe and reliable way.

With the CleanConnect product portfolio LÜDECKE offers superior couplings, mostly made of stainless steel and perfectly adapted to these extraordinary requirements.These can be used, for example, in the pharmaceutical, medical, measurement and control technology, food and chemical industries as well as in machine and plant construction. In addition to quick connect couplings, quick connect couplings for cleaning applications, claw couplings and water couplings, the SnowMaster by LÜDECKE® fittings for snow pump installations also impresses.

The dripless LiquiSafe by LÜDECKE® quick connect couplings as well as the energy-efficient coupling systems and the couplings equipped with various safety mechanisms deserve special mention.They guarantee maximum safety and reliability in daily work.


  • High-quality materials (stainless steel)
  • Robust, safe and reliable
  • Absolutely leakage-proof and durable
  • Easy handling
  • Different sizes, connection and valve types
  • Smooth surfaces to avoid dirt from collecting
  • Dripless products
  • Energy-efficient coupling systems and couplings with different safety mechanisms

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