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Process Industry Couplings

Couplings and Fittings for Snowmaking Systems

A first-class and reliable snow pump installation is characterised by perfectly functioning components which easily withstand extreme conditions (e.g. ice, snow, sun, large temperature fluctuations).
The SnowMaster by LÜDECKE® series is a high-quality and extremely robust coupling system - adapted to these demanding areas of application. The products are TÜV accredited with regard to all safety-relevant features and undergo strict internal quality tests on a regular basis.
Using the SnowMaster fittings guarantees safe and reliable use of snow machines and outstanding operational safety.


  • High-quality stainless steel 1.4401 or steel zinc-plated
  • Robust, reliable, absolutely leakage-proof and durable
  • Simple and easy handling
  • Best flow rates, due to maximum bore
  • Hose barb profiles are customised to the hose types used and optimised for the different assembly methods


Convincing Quality

The SnowMaster coupling system is based on the Kamlok system. However, it has a considerably reinforced housing including lever mounts, stainless steel investment casting handles with riveted high-pressure pins and a practical handle securing. The system is precisely designed for common hoses and assembly methods.

Broad Range

High-Pressure Quick Couplings

These special couplings are particularly suited for snow and pump machines, tunnelling, conveyor technology or other high-pressure applications with liquids.
The investment casted handle with high-pressure pin (crimped on both  sides) ensures a safe connection between male and female part. The handle securing with robust cord made of stainless steel and safety clip prevent the handle from accidental opening.


Drain Adapter

The first-class SnowMaster drain adapters made of stainless steel allow for automatic drainage of the lines when turning off the plant or reducing the pressure to avoid frost damages in the plant and hose lines.


High-Pressure Screwings

The extremely robust hose barb adapters are used above all for stationary long-term installations of pipe and hose lines. We offer male thread hose barbs for flat hoses or thick-walled hoses made of rubber as well as female thread hose barbs.