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Dripless Quick Connect Couplings

The innovative LiquiSafe by LÜDECKE® quick connect couplings allow for a dripless coupling process.
This means, the products have a shut-off valve without dead space volume. As a result, there is no air inclusion during the coupling process. Only a minimal, barely recognisable film of the media used sticks to the valve bodies. This ensures maximum operator safety and reliable protection against contamination when uncoupling.

The ergonomic sleeve shape provides very good grip and easy handling even if installations are difficult.

The coupling system is perfectly suited for liquid media in plant construction, temperature regulation technology, control cabinet coolingand many more.


  • When decoupling, reduces the risk of media leakage to aminimum
  • High efficiency due to maximum flow rate at low pressure drop
  • Robust, safe, absolutely leakage-proof and durable
  • Simple and intuitive coupling process
  • Ergonomic design
  • Smooth surfaces to avoid dirt from collecting
  • Different sizes, materials and connection types


Functional Principle

Coupling: To connect, push the plug as far as possible into the coupling in an axial centre. The locking sleeve engages in the direction of the plug without any support. The valves in the coupling and plug open automatically and release the volume flow.

Uncoupling: To disconnect, firmly grip the plug with one hand, push pack the locking sleeve towards the thread connection and disconnect. The plug can be pulled from the coupling. The shut-off valve of the coupling and plug closes automatically when uncoupling. This means that no media can leak from either side.

LiquiSafe by LÜDECKE® Dripless Quick Connect Couplings Series ESCB

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