Lüdecke GmbH

Temperature Couplings

Manifolds and Colour Coding

Manifolds for Temperature Regulation Lines

The LÜDECKE manifolds made of aluminium or stainless steel allow for a clean layout of temperature regulation lines leading to increased work and production safety. The manifold guarantees a central inflow and outflow to the  temperature regulation tool and saves energy and hose lines.

  • Manifolds made of blue and red anodised aluminium or stainless steel 1.4401
  • Clear structure of inflow and outflow
  • Central inflow of the temperature regulation media to the machine
  • Can be mounted at the machine
  • As many outlets as necessary to the mould tool thanks to of the modular construction and different lengths
  • Profile can be extended or combined as often as desired due to the bar connector system


Colour Coding

A red or blue anodized aluminium ring for the sleeve can be ordered to easily label and identify flow and return lines of the tempered circuit. They are also individually available for self-assembly. To install, simply slide the ring on the coupling sleeve.

  • Increased safety with colour coding
  • For the series ESHM, ESHME, ESH and ESHE (other series on request)
  • Either for self-assembly (simple handling) or delivered already assembled