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TempControl by LÜDECKE®

Intelligent technology for maximum safety

The patented TempControl by LÜDECKE® temperature regulation quick connect coupling system features a new and innovative thermo colour coding. It warns the operator of hot media as well as high surface temperatures of the coupling and thus offers reliable protection against potential injuries.

As a result, this coupling is especially suited when using critical media as well as for extreme temperatures between -20°C and +220°C (subject to used media).
High-quality FKM O-rings prevent leakages in high-temperature applications.


  • Temperature-sensitive colour coding of the locking sleeve
  • Maximum safety against unintended disconnection and unlocking
  • Simple and intuitive coupling process
  • High-resistance seals for extreme conditions
  • Versions with additional O-ring sealing at connection port
  • Available for almost all temperature regulation series in various sizes, materials, types of connections and valves



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Patented Safety

The TempControl quick connect coupling is based on the tried and tested TempSecure by LÜDECKE® principle:
A colour coding on the locking sleeve clearly indicates correct and secure connection. At the same time, an automatic safety locking mechanism prevents unintentional disconnection and unlocking.

The disconnecting process can be performed blindly due to the forced guidance of the locking sleeve. However, this requires a deliberate manual unlocking effort. An accidental or unintentional disconnection is almost impossible.

Functional principle

The colour coding of the TempControl by LÜDECKE® quick connect coupling system indicates the current temperature of the coupling surface. When the temperature falls below +40°C, the colour coding turns blue - the coupling can be touched without any precautions. When the temperature rises above +40°C the coating reacts. The dark blue surface turns red warning against potential burns.

Important note:
The colour coding represents the surface temperature of the coupling and serves as visual aid. However, the temperature of the media is not measured. At all times, it is the operator/ user who is responsible for safe and proper use of the product. In case of couplings with free passages, please turn off the media flow before disconnection.

TempControl by LÜDECKE® Quick Connect Coupling

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