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TempSecure by LÜDECKE®

Patented Safety for Maximum Reliability

The patented TempSecure by LÜDECKE® temperature regulation quick connect coupling system features an automatic safety locking mechanism which prevents unintentional disconnection and unlocking.

As a result, this coupling is especially suited when using aggressive media as well as for temperature regulation applications with hot or cold water and tempered oil between - 20°C and + 220°C (subject to used media).
Superior FKM O-rings make the coupling an ideal media carrier especially in high-temperature applications.


  • Maximum safety against unintended disconnection and unlocking
  • Simple and intuitive coupling process
  • High-temperature seals for best performance
  • Versions with additional O-ring sealing at connection port to prevent leakage in high-temperature applications
  • Available for almost all LÜDECKE temperature regulation series in various sizes, materials, connection and valve types



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Easy - Reliable - Quick

The TempSecure by LÜDECKE® temperature regulation quick connect coupling system is characterized by its simple and intuitive connecting process. Even under difficult circumstances and obstructed view, this enables safe operation.

The connection is made via automatic locking. An additional colour coding on the locking sleeve clearly indicates correct and secure connection.

The disconnecting process can be performed blindly due to the forced guidance of the locking sleeve. However, this requires a deliberate manual unlocking effort. An accidental or unintentional disconnection is almost impossible.

Functional Principle:

Coupling with one-hand operation - To connect the system, simply push the plug into the safety coupling. The release sleeve automatically slides forward in a twisting motion and engages into the final safety lock position. The coupling is now firmly connected to the plug and secured against unintentional opening.

To release the plug from the safety coupling, the sleeve has to be pulled back manually and with force. The plug can only be removed from the safety coupling by deliberately pulling/ twisting.

TempSecure by LÜDECKE® - Quick Connect Coupling

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