Lüdecke GmbH

Water Couplings


Apart from couplings and spray nozzles, LÜDECKE offers a broad range of accessories.

Swivel Transmissions

LÜDECKE swivel transmissions are designed for hose or tubing applications in components which have to withstand high stress caused by rotations at the connections (e.g. hose reels or wall hose reels).

  • Avoids any kind of kinking and abrasion to the hose and hose connection
  • Media is smoothly transported to drop-off-point
  • For applications with unwinding which experience heavy strains due to vibrations, twisting and sideway movements at connections

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Hose Screw Type Fittings

WaterProfi by LÜDECKE® hose screw type fittings are used as quickrelease connections for hoses or tools. They are an alternative to common coupling systems.
We recommend this product especially to connect hose reels or wall hose reels to hoses.

  • Solid connection between hose and tool
  • Robust, safe, leakage-proof and durable
  • Available in plain brass and nickel-plated brass

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Additional Accessories

  • Fittings
  • Ball valves taps
  • Return valves and check foot valves with strainer
  • Thread stems with male thread and hose squeeze nut ferrule
  • Hose clamps, hose clips made of steel and stainless steel, ferrules for low pressure hose lines, hand-operated assembly machine

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