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Water Couplings

Claw Couplings

The WaterProfi by LÜDECKE® claw couplings are entirely made of brass making them very durable and wear-resistant.
Additionally, the couplings are extremely weather and temperature resistant and guarantee a particularly secure grip. WaterProfi claw couplings are compatible with all common water claw couplings with a claw distance of 40 mm.
The couplings can be easily combined with the matching classic WaterProfi spray nozzle and the wand nozzle.


  • Robust, safe and reliable
  • Easy to couple
  • High pressure and vacuum range, reduced tilting moment
  • Maximum passage through perfect wall thickness
  • Ergonomically formed claws, safety notches against accidental loosening
  • Extra protection due to MODY-safety-screwing-claw coupling
  • Compatible with standard coupling systems
  • Different sizes and connection types


Top Quality for Trouble-Free Working

The WaterProfi by LÜDECKE® Claw Couplings are especially suitable for applications with high water pressure or for rough working conditions. To ensure a perfect grip, we recommend using the MODY-safety-screwing-claw coupling. It has a locking nut which can be manually tightened and prevents the coupling halves from loosening.

Connected in Seconds

Push the two couplings together at 180° degrees opposite to each other until the seal faces touch. Afterwards, rotate one coupling half as far as it will go into the opposite direction of the other - the couplings lock into place.

To disconnect, push the coupling and the counterpart together in axial direction. Afterwards, turn one coupling half as far as possible in the opposite direction as you would do when connecting and remove it from the counterpart.

The Classic WaterProfi Spray Nozzle

The WaterProfi series offers further premium spray nozzles. They are conically metal sealed and – depending on the application and requirements – available with hose connection or claw coupling.

By twisting the nozzle head, the spray nozzle allows for perfect flow control with smooth transition from mist to full water jet.