Lüdecke GmbH

Water Couplings

GEKA plus Claw Couplings for Drinking Water Applications

The GEKA plus claw couplings made of forged brass are the perfect all-rounders for drinking water applications.
These products are approved according to DIN 50930/6 and DIN 17660. Moreover, these claw couplings have a  patented high-performance rubber ring made of NBR with excellent elastic properties as well as a KTW approval according to D2 and long-term test result DVGW W270.


  • Easy to couple
  • High pressure and vacuum range, reduced tilting moment
  • Maximum passage through perfect wall thickness
  • Safe and hose-friendly hose barbs
  • Ergonomically formed claws, safety notches against accidental loosening
  • Different sizes and connection types


Easy Handling - Safe and Firm Grip

GEKA plus claw couplings are connected the same way as WaterProfi by LÜDECKE® claw couplings. Push the two couplings together at 180° degrees opposite to each other until the seal faces touch. Afterwards, rotate one coupling half as far as it will go into the opposite direction of the other - the couplings lock into place.