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Water Couplings

GEKA plus Claw Couplings for Strict Hygiene Requirements

GEKA plus Claw Couplings made of chromium steel are the universal couplings for applications in the chemical industry, for water, lye and different aggressive media as well as strict hygiene requirements.
The products have a patented high-performance sealing ring made of FKM with excellent elasticity properties. Depending on the application, we recommend hose clips or clamps for fixation.


  • Easy to couple, high pressure and vacuum range, reduced tilting moment
  • Maximum passage through perfect wall thickness
  • Safe and hose-friendly hose barbs
  • Ergonomically formed claws
  • Safety notches against accidental loosening
  • Different sizes and connection types

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Easy Handling – Safe and Firm Grip

GEKA plus claw couplings are connected the same way as WaterProfi by LÜDECKE® claw couplings. Push the two couplings together at 180° degrees opposite to each other until the seal faces touch. Afterwards, rotate one coupling half as far as it will go into the opposite direction of the other - the couplings lock into place.